Mission: Formation, introduction and development of cultural policy in Ukraine in the 21st century.


 * To disseminate in Ukraine principles and approaches of European and world cultural policy.

 * Support cultural reforms (legislation, financing, management).

 * Generate ideas and develop technologies to improve cultural and social policy.

 * Involve the public in creative activity and policy making.

 * Cooperate with public authorities and local governments in developing cultural policies.

 * Develop international partnership and cultural-information exchange.


 * To develop, support and implement projects in the socio-cultural sphere.

 * Identify cultural resources, evaluate strategies for using cultural and creative resources, analyze and monitor policy implementation.

 * Conduct educational and training events at the national and local levels on contemporary cultural management, strategic planning, marketing, information activities.

 * Create, develop and maintain cultural development centers (agencies).

 * To promote the development of innovative projects in the field of culture, cultural industries.

 * To disseminate information, best practices, knowledge, innovative approaches.