About Us

NGO "Cultural Strategy - XXI" Center was  established in August 2012 as a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the development of innovative projects in the field of culture and art, associations for the cooperation of artists, musicians, writers, culturologists, collectors, art historians, creation of space to form the modern cultural face of our city and region.

The NGO works closely with the  Gallery "XXI" cultural center , initiating and implementing the overwhelming majority of the exhibition projects of the center, including within the framework of the "MIST" program.

  • O. Kurkchi (Khmelnytsky) "Collection of archetypes";
  • I.Mihregional specialized exhibition of author's dolls "Vinnitsa - Golden province";
  • Annual project for the Day of the Artist "Day X";
  • A. Tivodar (Uzhhorod) "Arkan XXI"
  • Andrei Tsoi (Kiev) "7.6.2", to the 6th anniversary of the art center;
  • "Your beauty, Ukraine!", Antiquities from private collections of Volodymyr Kozyuk (ancient photographs) and Oleka Yevpaka;
  • A.Vasilishina, "Let's create together!" In support of the social project "School of arts for children with disabilities"

The partners of the organization are also the Department of Culture of the Vinnytsia City Council, HGO "Laboratory of Current Creativity", Center for Development "Democracy through Culture" (Kyiv).

NGO "Center" Cultural Strategy - XXI "  acted as a partner and co-organizer of events:

  • Open Cultural Space Project (2013)
  • STOP ECCO MESS project (2013) 
  • "Mythogenesis-013"
  • Art project "RE: VISION.Terra-Incognita" (2014) 
  • Charitable Vishivanka Charitable Project (2014)
  • Golden Bird Music Festival (2015)