Golden Bird



Golden Bird 

for children and youth with disabilities


From February 1, 2015 in Vinnytsia the selection stage of the All-Ukrainian song festival-competition "Golden Bird" for children and young people with disabilities started, organized by the NGO "Center for Cultural Strategy - XXI" and the Cultural Center "Gallery - XXI" with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Foreign partner of the festival-contest - PRO OMNIBUS (Poland) initiative fund for people with disabilities.

All interested persons with disabilities who have talent for singing, aged from 10 to 27 years old, can participate in the festival-competition.

The festival will take place in two stages:

  • qualifying (February 1 - March 31, 2015), at the stage of which all those who wish to send recordings of anaphassic singing, and the jury will select the best by listening;
  • the final (May 15-17, 2015) in Vinnitsa, where by the open vocal competition the most talented will be identified by the professional jury.

All participants of the final stage of the festival-competition will be awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts without exception, the winner of the Grand Prix will receive an invitation from the Polish partner to take part in the annual Czech Music Festival for young people with disabilities "Chechochinskie creative meetings" in Poland.


More information about the conditions of the festival-competition can be obtained at   or by phone: (0432) 65-65-92, (063) 170-44-80, e-mail: art-shik @




Post release

All-Ukrainian song festival-competition

Golden Bird

for children and youth with disabilities


            On May 16-17, 2015, the All-Ukrainian song festival-competition "Golden Bird" for children and young people with disabilities was held in Vinnitsa.

Founders and organizers of the Festival-contest were the NGO "Center for Cultural Culture - XXI" and the Regional Center for Contemporary Art "Art-Shik" with the full assistance of the Department of Culture of the Vinnytsia City Council. This social project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, several Ukrainian Charitable Organizations and the PRO UNIVERSITY PROFESSIONAL PROJECT Fund of the Republic of Poland.

19 contestants in two age categories took part in the Festival-competition: 10-16 years old, 17-27 years old (10 and 9 people in each age category respectively) from different regions of Ukraine, in particular, Odesa and region, Volhynia, Rivne region, Uzhhorod , Kharkiv and region, Kiev, Vinnytsia and the region.

The Festival itself took place on May 16, 2015 at the Vinnitsa School of Culture and Arts named after. M.D. Leontovich, and on May 17, 2015 in the Vinnytsia Regional Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theater named after M.K.Sadovsky a gala concert and awards were given to the winners.

As a result of intense vocal competition, the victory (Grand Prix) was received by Fifteen-year-old Margarita Frolova from Borky village of the Kharkiv region. Twelve-year-old Svetlana Besyadovskaya from Vinnitsa and twenty-four-year-old Ulyana Castran from Uzhgorod, respectively, received the first places in the younger age and older age groups. Ivan Perrodov, 15, took second place, Kharkiv and Mariam Kamara, 22, Vinnytsya. Third - Vera Nemkova, 12 years old, Kiev and Lilia Kruchik, 16 years old, village Yaravishche Volyn region.

The Grand Prix winner received a cash reward of 15 thousand hryvnia, winners in the age categories of 10 thousand hryvnia. In addition, all three will represent Ukraine at the XIX International Song Festival for Youth with Disabilities "Chechochinskie creative meetings", which will take place in July this year in Chekochinek Republic of Poland. The corresponding certificates and invitations from the organizers of this event, the PRO OMNIBUS Initiative for Disabled Persons, were presented by the President of the Foundation, Anna Laba Roshak, and the Director of the Foundation Myroslav Sotor.

Contestants who took second places received a cash prize of 7 thousand hryvnia each, and third place - 5 thousand hryvnia. All others received cash prizes of 3 thousand hryvnias. In addition, the winner and prize-winning places were awarded with valuable figurines from Diadem's jewelry company. Also, all participants received Diplomas, specially written for the festival by Vinnytsia Galyna Kruk, book "Golden Bird", gifts from the official Government delegation from the Republic of Poland, flowers from the studio "Fresh flower".

The honored artist of Ukraine Iryna Shvets, the Honored Artist of Ukraine Stanislav Gorodinsky, the folk group "Mokosha", the founders of the BeatBox & Guitar musical culture "Flying Swan" (Luhansk region), the exemplary choreographic studio "Nika" of the Vinnytsia Regional House of Teacher's Culture under the management Olga Kalintseva, folk amateur dance ensemble "Yunist" and amateur group "Mriya" of the Vinnitsa College of the National University of Food Technologies, violinist Vladislav Kravchenko from Talne Cherkassy which area.

The main sponsor of the Festival-competition and prize fund was TM "RUTA", contributed to its filling of "Vioil" GHG, Vinnytsia city council, TM "Avis", NGO "Free community". Significant assistance in organizing and conducting was provided by the Art Cafe, Vinnytsya School of Culture and Arts named after M.D. Leontovich, Vinnytsia Oblast Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theater named after. MK Sadovsky, NGO "Harmony", NGO "Free community", Charitable Foundation "Teplo Dushi", Vinnytsia regional organization All-Ukrainian organization of invalids "Union of organizations of invalids of Ukraine", All-Ukrainian public association "National Assembly of invalids of Ukraine" , Model Agency "GRACE", company "Business Prom Group".